Miki Sakurazuka (桜塚 美紀 Sakuradzuka Miki) is one of the Main Characters in Onegai My Melody series. She is Uta Yumeno's best friend; starting a strong and close friendship ever since kindergarten. She also can communicate well with Piano the Sheep and the two often compose poetry together. But because they are both superior in poetry, Miki often battles with the sheep for the number one poet position. She also has skills in art. Her parents are always seen with masks for an unknown reason.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Miki is as tall as Uta. Sha has shoulder-length black hair and black eyes. Her hair is twisted on the right side and clips with a hairpin. In some occasions, her hair is tied on a right ponytail. She usually wears fancy and girly clothes.

Personality Edit

Miki is sweet, gentle, and talented. She likes writing poem. She always seem to recite the poem even without a copy. She can be sensitive and embarrassed at times. She has a good terms with Piano, even though they sometimes bicker and compete for being the best poet of the two. She loves cute things very much, especially My Melody. She is also loyal to her friends, even if they're different, especially Mana who is exactly the polar opposite to her. She may be weak at sports, but she is good at providing scripts and songs for her classmates and groupmates.

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Etymology Edit

Sakurazuka (桜塚): Sakurazuka can be split into two parts. Sakura(桜) means "Cherry Blossom" while zuka(塚) means "hill". The two words might translate into "Cherry Blossom Hill".

Miki (美紀): Miki can be split into two parts. Mi(美) means "beauty" while Ki(紀) means "Age". The two together may be translated as "Beauty Age".

Her name means, "Cherry Blossom Hill Beauty Age".

Trivia Edit

  • She has many poems. She enjoys reciting it without her copy.
  • As a Bunny-Eared Ranger, she wears a Cyan costume. Her weapon is Poem Beam with the assistance of her Dream Partner, Piano.
  • She and Piano write poems together.
  • She loves cute things.
  • She is the one who provides the lyrics for the Dream Power Song.
  • She and Uta met each other when they were kindergartens.
  • She shares her name with Miki Aono in Fresh Pretty Cure!
  • She likes Keichii Hiragii, but not as much as Uta does.
  • Her parents embarrasses her much.