Melody Takt

Melody Takt

The Melody Takt is My Melody's takt used in every season except Kirara. It was used in order to beat Kuromi's nightmare magic in the first season. Like Melody Key, it has different functions in every season. It will later be upgraded into a Hyper Melody Takt in Season 2.

Appearance Edit

The Melody Takt is pink seashell-liked with white thin baton that resembles a stick and a pink holder. It has flower decorations within the pink part.

The Hyper Takt is much bigger than its downgrade. It is pink seashell-liked with yellow circles at the tip and decorated with while flowers at the middle of the Tact.

Functions Edit

The Melody Takt is used in order to undo nightmare magic Kuromi did and to remove a Huff-Puff note Baku spread. Although it cannot purify the spell directly, it requires a person or an object to remove it. This will have a higher chance to make the person's dreams stronger and gives at least one pink note. In Sukkiri, refreshed gem. It has different functions in every season. In the first season, My Melody produces sticker with a heart using her Tact in order to make an inanimate objects to life. She can also sticks it to a being who is unconscious. In the second season, she does the same, only that she will summon the characters that are in the card randomly using the Melody Compact. In the third season, she will draw a character she wished.