Masahiko Yumeno (夢野 雅彦 Yumeno Masahiko) is one of the Supporting Characters in Onegai My Melody. He was Uta's hard-working father who works as a travelogue writer. He works very hard just for his family. While he's gone, his daughter, Kanade, will take charge of her sisters and the house.

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Masahiko has a tall height. He has short tan hair and navy blue eyes. Since he was presumably at 40's, he looks older. He usually wears an outfit related to travelogue.

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Masahiko is bubbly, cheerful, and comical. He usually tends to make puns and jokes, even if it means annoying his daughters. He also dreams of eternal laughter in his house. Despite his goofy and bubbly attitude, He works hard somewhere else outside of Yumegaoka in order to make sure he has money to pay for his daughter's needs and he is caring and protective to them. On some occasions, he can be quick-tempered, like when he discovers that Uta and Kakeru were dating in Sukkiri and when he threatens My Melody's father while he was under by Kuromi's spell. He likes a person who also likes puns and jokes, like Jun.

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Yumeno (夢野): The term Yumeno can be split into two. The Yume means dream, while no means field or plain. It can be translated into Dream field or Dream Plain.

Masahiko (雅彦): The term Masahiko splits into two. Masa (雅) means graceful, while Hiko (彦) has no meaning at all, but it can be combined to any kanjis, thus having a different meaning.