Koto Yumeno (夢野 琴 Yumeno Koto) is the Main Character in first two seasons of Onegai My Melody, reduced to a Minor Character in Sukkiri. She is a Fourth Grader in Yumegaoka Elementary School. She is Uta and Kanade's little sister who somehow finds herself involved in Kuromi's crazy schemes every now and then. She often wears a dinosaur costume, and often appears in a bad mood whenever her sisters and father mention her mother, whom she barely knew as she died when Koto was a baby.

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Appearance Edit

Since Koto is an elementary student, she is short. Koto has shoulder-lenght brown hair and brown eyes, which mostly shared from her mother, Suzu. She usually ties her hair in a half-ponytail on the right. On some occasions, her half-ponytail on the right is the same, only that her hair is wholly tied. When getting to bed, her hair is down. While her outfits change in multiple episodes, she often wears normal clothes.

Personality Edit

Koto is happy, cheerful, and outgoing girl who loves to play games. Sometimes, she is sad and emotional when not getting what she wants or when her loved ones is in danger, like when she wanted to see her mother in person or when to go to the beach. She sometimes bicker with Uta, which sometimes annoys Kanade, as shown in the first season. When Masahiko was tired, she wanted to give her father a boost by giving him a hug called ''Koto Charge'' in order to boost her work. She dislikes Jun at first, but as the series progress, they became good friends.

Etymology Edit

Yumeno (夢野): The term Yumeno can be split into two. The Yume means dream, while no means field or plain. It can be translated into Dream field or Dream Plain.

Koto (琴):The term Koto means harp.

Her name means ''Dream Field Harp'' or ''Dream Plain Harp''.

Trivia Edit

  •     As a Bunny-eared Ranger or Usamimi Ranger, her costume is yellow. Her weapon is Koto-chan Fire while wearing a dinousaur costume.
  •     She is the youngest member of the Dream Defense Girls Group.
  •     In Sukkiri, she has a speaking role in only one episode.
  •     She tends to hug Masahiko when he was tired.
  •     She never sees her mom in person except through magic, due to the fact her mother died when she was a baby for unknown reason.
  •     Her best friend is Aya.
  •     She likes to play any games whenever she is happy.
  •     Her zodiac sign is Aries, since her birthday is in March 27.

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