Bako is Baku's youngest sibling. Baku and Kuromi watch over her during ~Kurukuru Shuffle!~ and makes a minor appearance in Sukkiri. She has the ability to sense Black Notes like her older brother does in the second season, while in Season 3, she was a Huff-Huff.

General Apperance Edit

Bako is a pink tapir similar to Baku, however she has two black dots with two eyelashes for eyes, rosy cheeks, a pink bow on the left side of her head, and a pale yellow diaper. Originally, she only said "Da" as words, but when she was able to talk, she ended her sentences with "da~" When Dar-chan was banished for the second time, she only ended it with "dechu~" in the Japanese dub, only in the English sub, her verbal tick was gone.

Apperances Edit

She first appeared in episode 48, when she was a newborn. She cried when Baku's father mentioned that Dar-chan won't effect her, then his mother takes her and tells him that he haven't given her milk and punches him on the face, and making a hole into the house, which is destroyed.